Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chapman Tornado-Day 7

This is a photo in the Salina Journal that shows the path of the storm. The high school is in the bottom middle. The most impressive part may be the trees next to the river on the bottom left hand side. Heading out to Abilene on Old 40 is breath-taking.

I am also including a very short video that shows a little bit of progress in the town. A lot of debris has been lifted, and the curfew has been lifted as well which means softball was played in Chapman for the first time tonight. That is a big deal here.
There was a school board meeting today that Nichole went to. They are going to use the Construction Tech house that the kids built last school year as the high school office, and they are also looking into using the Catholic parish and outlying schools for classrooms. They will also be bringing in mobile classrooms, although they aren't sure where they are going to put them yet. They also said they are going to use "responsible spending," which means if it really saves them money to save a building they will. Right now they are a lot more concerned about getting school started this fall, and they will mess with the longterm future later.

One big blow to rebuilding in the town is that most of the buildings were in the flood plane, which I was told means that there can't be a basement built on the new homes. Of course the concern is that everyone will leave their lots behind and build or buy somewhere else, leaving the heart of Chapman empty. We're all hoping that doesn't happen.

P.S. Those of you trying to get onto the church website won't be able to do it until the church gets permission to have the site. I was told that this morning. Hopefully it won't take long.

Here's the video. Information on the golf tournament should be up within 24 hours.

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