Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chapman Tornado-Day 3

Today was very long and very tiring, but we got all of the desks, EVERY book in the school (including the library), and all of the file cabinets out from the entire school. I don't have video, but I am attaching some photos of the past couple of days.

The biggest news of the day was all of the volunteers who came to help. There were literally hundreds of them, including some cheerleaders from Wichita, and some people who just walked into town from the meeting spot with rakes and chain saws looking for a place to use them. They didn't have to look far. Although only staff could go into the school, there were all kinds of people waiting outside to move the items from the school to the various trailers. It was really incredible to see.

Everyone has hit a wall, so we're taking tomorrow off to spend time with family. The Methodist church is meeting at the racing museum, which should be a pretty big event.

One of the best pictures of this group is the one of the Chapman flag up in the middle of the rubble. We may be seeing that one on the cover of our first newspaper or yearbook next year.

P.S. My wife has informed me that the tornado was an F3, not a G3 like I said in the previous blog. Hey, give me a break. I'm not a meteorologist.

The auditorium

Our Methodist Church

A look at the media center with computers still inside

A line of helpers moving textbooks to trailers

The Chapman flag

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