Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Video Footage of the Big Move

This is a little out of order because I should have put this before the last entry, but I made a short video showing the process of moving everything back into the schools. It plays over a two-week time period from the first day of moving until the weekend before school started.

Hopefully it shows the magnitude of the entire process and how amazing it was that we were even able to have school start on time. Everyone was worried that the first few days of school would be overwhelming, but I thought they have been a breeze compared to the process of getting the school ready in the first place. I am really glad that part is over!

Here's the video, just copy and paste.


Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day Like No Other

Although a lot of people said we couldn't do it, we managed to start the school year on time in Chapman. After students used the first couple of hours finding their rooms, there was a district wide pep assembly in the one gym that could be saved.

It was a pretty big deal for the school and community, and there were multiple TV stations there. Here a a few links that will get you to the web story and video for each of the stations.

http://www.salina.com/ (click on the video below the Tri-Rivers Fair icon in the middle of the page)






Monday, August 11, 2008

Salina Journal Covers The Big Move

Go to the website below to read and watch a video on our efforts to move our stuff back into the high school as the school year approaches. The Salina South boys basketball team was a HUGE help today, so thanks to Matt Renk for getting his squad together and bringing them in. It was a lot of work, but we got a lot done, which is good since we're starting one week from today!

The story may be gone after a day or two, but go to the website and then scroll down to get to the video.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Jace's 2nd Birthday Party

Jace turned 2 on Friday, but his official party was Saturday afternoon. We kept it just a family affair, and we were glad we did, because it ended up being the hottest day of the year (106 degrees by our gauge).

Jace didn't care one bit, as he had a Diego theme for both the party and his presents. His best present was probably the cheapest, as he got his very own mints. He usually steals them from mom's purse, and by now he has basically developed an addiction that looks very similar to cocaine.

His big present was a miniature trampoline. Unfortunately you could boil an egg on it, so we didn't stay outside too long. I'm sure we'll get more use out of it when it cools down.

He and Mackenzie were pretty worn out by the end of the day, but everyone had fun.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Video Yearbook - Tornado

Every year my journalism students produce a two hour video yearbook that chronicles the year's activities, sports and newsworthy events. Because the tornado's June 11th date happened after we had finished the video, we had to scramble to include the event at the end of the DVD.

It was also a challenge deciding what to include with the video. You could literally take up an entire two hours covering the tornado and what has happened in the two months following it. I decided to focus mainly on the high school, although most of the community has some footage or pictures.

The song we used is actually called "Tornado" by Joe Paulson. The wind sounds at the beginning and bird sounds at the end are actually in the song. I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to cheese the thing up. It's pretty depressing at first, but hopefully it will give people who watch it some hope heading into the long job we have ahead of us. If you listen to the words, the song has a good message.

Here it is. I hope you feel privileged, because we have never before shown a part of our video yearbook before it came out to the public. You're getting a sneak peak!