Thursday, December 24, 2009

My brother told me over Christmas that my blog is worthless, so I decided I had better try to get a December entry in so I don't get yelled at again. Why am I doing it on Christmas Eve, you ask? We were in Nebraska, but the bad weather prompted us to head back a day earlier, which meant spending Christmas Eve at home for the first time ever. It also meant a pretty boring day of waiting until Christmas Day (including an unorthodox spaghetti Christmas Eve dinner).

Anyway, here is a small portion of what has happened over the month of December:

Nichole found a great new book called "Elf on the Shelf." It talks about an elf that has come to make sure the kids are being good and then reports back to Santa. He then moves to a new spot each day when the kids wake up. Talk about great! It got to the point where they would do something wrong and then immediately look up to "Sam" and wonder what he was thinking with those cold, glassy eyes and mischievous smile. They are sad to see him go home for good tonight, and we are wondering if we could have a valentine, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving elf!

We thought that the winter storm that hit us in mid-December would be the only time to hit the slopes this month, but more snow is falling right now (although it is much less than they originally said).

Nichole spent one weekend making Christmas cookies with the kids. Hopefully Santa doesn't realize that his cookies have lick marks on the frosting!

Thanks to Janet Edwards, the kids from church got to make ginger bread houses, which they both were very proud of, and even more excited to eat!

Mackenzie and Jace saw Santa more times than I could count, including this one over and Mama and Papa's house. They also saw one that said I would need a shotgun to fend off the boys from Mackenzie, but that's a whole other story.

Needless to say, our month has been busy and we are now enjoying the holiday season more than ever. Watching the kids at this age is more fun than even we imagined. I hope you all are having a great Christmas and are traveling safely to and from your destinations.