Sunday, March 22, 2009

Because all of us are high school heroes in some way, shape or form, we attended our first ever adult prom thanks to some friends who set it up. There was even a prom king and queen (which was actually won by two guys...don't ask).

Out of respect to everyone else there, we won't post their photos without written consent. However, we don't care if we look stupid.

Me putting on Nichole's "corsage." Mackenzie is taking the pictures. Isn't that ironic! I think we should show these to Mackenie on her prom night. She would be so proud!

Nichole's dress was purchased from a $20 and under prom dress store in Grand Island. My jacket was my grandpa Weller's, and the bow tie was Nichole's grandpa's. Everything else (including the white women's dress pants) was a Goodwill special.

I went with the spiked hair look. Notice the backdrop in the background. Nice touch by the hosts!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chapman Tornado Update-Day 275

Here's the latest video on the Chapman rebuilding process after the June 11 tornado. It's about six minutes long. By the way, I do plan on putting all of these videos together on one DVD when the schools are finished.