Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some clarifications:

1. I AM NOT going to eat lunch with Ty Pennington. Obviously I did not make my sarcasm clear enough, because I had about 10 people tell me they thought I was serious. I only wish I was that important. Nichole, however, did get a photo and a birthday hug only after storming out of her room and running over her kids to catch up to him (while he was in the middle of a shoot I might add). That photo will come later, because she has to get it from her student and frame a 20x30 on our wall.

2. I said I would have video tonight, but the bigwigs said we can't post any video that we take that would be used for the show. Thus, all of the video my kids have gotten (which has been very good, by the way) has to sit in a vault until the show airs, which will be sometime next year. I guess you'll have to settle for pictures.

As for us teachers, we're basically getting nothing accomplished at school. Every 5 minutes somebody gets a text or hears something outside of our trailers, and then all hell breaks loose for the rest of the hour.

Of course it's all worth the hassle. There are hundreds of people here, and it really does seem like our little town has become a big city. There are still projects that are going to be done that I don't know what they are. I guess I'll wake up one morning and know what they are.

The "Braveheart March" begins from main street. They have to film everything multiple times, so this march took place three times.

Fort Riley brought in their band for the show.

Ty leads the crew in. I think he's yelling "I told a hot teacher happy birthday today!"

The crew rolls into town.

We were really happy when our friends, Pat & Diana Irvine, received word that the inside of their house was going to be made over. Here the crew lets them know they are going to get some much needed help.

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