Friday, August 1, 2008

Video Yearbook - Tornado

Every year my journalism students produce a two hour video yearbook that chronicles the year's activities, sports and newsworthy events. Because the tornado's June 11th date happened after we had finished the video, we had to scramble to include the event at the end of the DVD.

It was also a challenge deciding what to include with the video. You could literally take up an entire two hours covering the tornado and what has happened in the two months following it. I decided to focus mainly on the high school, although most of the community has some footage or pictures.

The song we used is actually called "Tornado" by Joe Paulson. The wind sounds at the beginning and bird sounds at the end are actually in the song. I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to cheese the thing up. It's pretty depressing at first, but hopefully it will give people who watch it some hope heading into the long job we have ahead of us. If you listen to the words, the song has a good message.

Here it is. I hope you feel privileged, because we have never before shown a part of our video yearbook before it came out to the public. You're getting a sneak peak!

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