Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Summer "Vacation"

Yes, I know a trip to Kansas City doesn't seem like a vacation to most of our friends, but it was as far as we could venture with two kids who don't know any better. I always made fun of mom and dad for taking us to the same places year after year, but now I know why they did! It's easy and not very far.

After staying with Kelli and Dave Johnson (high school friend of Nichole's) Sunday night and getting the kids acquainted with a Nintendo Wii (which they thought was amazing, by the way), we then made our way to CoCo Key, which is a indoor water resort right by the K.C. sports complex where the Chiefs and Royals play.

After a day of swimming, we finished off the short vacation with a trip to Worlds of Fun. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let the kids on the roller coasters, so we had to settle for Snoopy's Play Area instead. :)

When we got home Tuesday night we found out that some of the modular rooms were going to be ready to go next Monday, so I'm glad we went when we did, because the rest of the summer is going to be filled with a lot of moving and unpacking.

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