Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ozarks Vacation

Nichole and I got a vacation away from the kids thanks to our parents, so we went with some friends down to a beach "cottage" courtesy of Mike and Connie Cook (thanks guys!). It was definitely no cottage. There were three levels, four bedrooms (each with their own bathroom), our own dock, and a view of the lake that was breath-taking. The only bad thing about it was the 82 step climb at the end of each day!

The days were spent on the boat or playing golf, and the nights were spent eating out and having fun. It was a great time right up until the long drive home, but we were happy to see the kids again (although they had been spoiled greatly and weren't necessarily glad to see us!).

The view of our house from the back looking out from the lake

The view from the top level of the house looking out onto the lake (we could have sat there all day)

You have never truly experienced the lake until you put on a life jacket upside down and "bob" in the water!

The group at the Horny Toad bar our last night on the lake. Thanks for the good times guys!

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