Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mackenzie & Jace's Concert

Not a lot of posts recently, mainly because we've had a busy (and largely unsuccessful) basketball season after Christmas. Some makeup games from before break meant we played six games in 11 days...and lost all of them. Uggh. Our JV team didn't fair much better, but at least we got a win on Friday.

We decided to brighten our spirits by having Mackenzie and Jace put on a concert for us. It included a change of wardrobe, some crazy songs, and even Jace with pom-pons (sigh). Don't try to recognize any of the songs, because they didn't know them either.

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Mrs. E said...

Priceless!!! I think I like Dad's comments as much as anything! (And I love how Elton John got his glasses back..."herwe"!!!)